by Milkbread

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(free) 04:40


released November 16, 2012

Ben Shaw – Vocals, tenor sax
Seth Bailey – Trumpet
Chris Gagnon – Alto and tenor sax
Matt Reagan – Guitar
Brendan Moore – Keyboards
Dylan LaGamma – Bass guitar
Dylan Sevey – Drums/percussion, vocals

Produced by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios, Providence, RI
Design and logo by Shelley Kornatz
Artwork by Logan Faerber
Photography by Kirk Silver
Special thanks to:
All the venues that have ever hosted us and all the bands we’ve ever shared a bill with; all the fans who have ever given us kind words after a show, “liked” us on Facebook, or supported us in any other way; everyone who donated to the Indiegogo campaign, including Victor LaGamma, Diane Cricchio, Sean LaGamma, TimeLine Video, and one very generous mystery donator; Chris Piquette, for all of his incredible hard work and patience; David DiMaio; Chris Bedard; Michael Sackett; Michael Gordon; Ed Devlin; the Treglia Sisters; the Breadhead Communion Chorus (Chris Gagnon, Dale Giramma, Justin Kisch, Brendan Moore, Ryan O’Keefe, Chris Piquette, Dylan Sevey, Christina Stavrakas, Christine Treglia) on "Kiff"; the Handy Variety in Newport for the band name inspiration; and lastly, all of our friends and family, for their undying encouragement and love.



all rights reserved


Milkbread Providence, Rhode Island

Bringing emotionally moving, theoretically complex, and thought provoking music to you.

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Track Name: This Is
This is a brand new sound tonight
Hold my hand baby, it’ll be alright
Don’t worry about packing, we travel light, we’re
Going downtown going to bring the fight, back to the
Place where it all began when I could
Crawl but I couldn’t stand, I was just a
Kid who was hooked on rock and roll, put on
Elvis or Cash I’d loose control, but that was
Then and this is now, I’m packing on the
Stage trying to make you proud, but I’m just
One man with a killer band, we got songs of truth
Falling out of our hands, so we
Promise that we will never retire
Creating words and lyrics meant to inspire, because
The time is now and the need is dire
To move the herds away from the fire so

I don’t know how it got this way
But this is how it stays
Doesn’t matter what you say
This is our day

This is how we modify the game
Rearrange the face but keep the name
The popculture of shame is in need of an overhaul
Original music is now waiting for the last call
Down at the dance hall, standing proud and tall
Photos of culprits hang on the wall
Those who took this beauty and bled
It’s soul to the floor until we’re standing in red
What about acoustic seduction
We’ve bled it all out and made it mean nothing
No need for talent, the love, or the drive
Just can’t have them working no 9 to 5, so
Excuse me if I critcize, These people’s lives,
But their messages are lies
Take the glasses off your eyes
Realize the truth and vocalize


This is how the world is gonna change,
This is the way we turn normal strange
This is to join what’s right and just
This is how we go from life to dust
This is for the search for something more
This is looking to the future at what’s in store
This is the wall that will not break,
This is everything that you and I hate,
This is the feeling of that one long kiss
This is for the good times that you miss
This is the look on your lover’s face
This is the warmth in the human embrace
This is to give hope a little more time
This is how to change the world through rhyme
This is not the end you’ll find
This is how we begin the line


This is my dream, this is my life
This is my world, this is my strife
This is my day, this is my start
This is my time, this is my heart
This is my chance, this is my song,
This is my right, this is my wrong,
The righteous path for those who choose it,
This is peace, love, music
Track Name: No Future At All
Virus of the land, fire in our hands
Burning all we can in the name of man
No plan to put out the flame
As ashes cover our heads as they're hung in shame
Plausible denial, no hope for a trial
While the so called first world continues to defile
Our home, filing their stomachs with all we need
Consume too much spill bile on the seed
But still somehow they continue to grow
Defiant against the chemicals we continue to throw
At our oceans, our food, our plants, our mood,
Make up your mind, is it them or I
Are we that self involved, that utterly clueless
As to not see that our actions are fruitless
We will kill this planet in time
And be foolish enough to act surprised

No future at all

There they go again, same words as before
Cleaning up the streets walk around going door to door
Please sign the line put your word on the form and
Advocate to separate the wealthy from the poor
Need you read more, did the words sound clear
Or did they burn a little bit when they entered your ear
No human is above another, be it child or mother,
Commander in chief or awestruck follower
Political science but keep fighting the lions, someday you may
triumph over the opposition trying to
best and break you, rumble and shake you,
whip and tame you, belittle and shame you,
choose the new movement conclusion is useless unless 
We start pushing back and stop beating our chest
Our home is a mess, expect nothing less
We're the cause of these broken shells in the nest

The whole worlds in trouble, knee deep in struggle
Wading through the crowd putting back the puzzle
Level with me is there a chance we could see
a better-defined guideline written on a sign that says
love your neighbors, correct yourself, respect the
planet that we have before there's no food on our shelves
Ourselves broken to the youth we lie
look in their eyes, see the tears they cry, that there's

Track Name: Stormy Weather
My head against the window pane
Watch the sky and the falling rain
I can’t stop thinking of you
I watched you walk towards the plane that day
My body couldn’t move so I couldn’t say
The words that would get you to stay here with me
I know you got to go
And though I smile for you, you have to know
I keep waiting for sunny days, and they don’t come to me

Stormy weather’s got me
thinking of better times
when we’re together
there won’t be no rain

I know you’ve got to go to school
And I’ve tried hard to keep my cool
But baby, this long distance is killing me
I have so much love in my heart for you
I would do anything to prove it to
The girl in my world who means everything
Just say those words and I’ll be there
To run my fingers through your long blonde hair
I’ll break through these clouds, and I’ll be on my way


So baby give me some time with this beat and this line
A pencil, pad of paper, and the gift of the rhyme and
I will sing you my love, seal this letter with a kiss
Send my heart through the mail to the lady I miss, that’s you
A sonnet to personify the softness seen in your eyes
That can tear a whole in my disguise, the shell of a man but a poet inside
A man who can’t stand, one with no plan unless
You’re in his arms laying waste to his charms
A thousand mile rift has torn us apart, my
Heart is so shattered I don’t know where to start
I guess I’ll keep my eyes just fixed on the road
Until I see you baby walking home

Track Name: Bite The Feeding Hand
Don’t swallow what they feed you or march where they lead you
Total control in the form of a handout, that they
Gave from a hand that promises it’ll save you
It takes from you, but never breaks bread with you
It hides behind a glass eye flying high in the sky
looking down at you and I working hard petrified to
defy it’s long reach, and if they see us
speak out, turn victims into foes and lash out
Silence is worth every penny when it’s crusted in gold
These liberties are property that are meant to be sold
To men with dried blood under their
nails, but no dirt to be found on their golden hands

Put an end to their plan
Don’t fall to their demands
Smack away the black tie man
And bite the feeding hand

politicians fill the suits and the suits fill the needs
Of those who bark at the top but they refuse to bleed
but you’ll never be free if you follow your greed you see
green yes indeed but once the thought’s planted it’s seed
You’ll fight to get it out, but the call you heed
You scratch out of lock as they try to block
You from climbing to the top to guarantee
That you want to be free but you still want to believe
There’s no better way to get your money spent then to
trust the government, with a blank check
hell bent to destroy the economy
Like a six year old boy with a china made toy
You better watch their ploy


information that our nation provides to the educated through
hard facts and wisdom, thoughts not
controlled, assimilated into our collectivist thought to
tame the art, but at the same time stab the heart
The attack is like a blast from the past where in full color vision
Shows a world where peace pigeons carry messages of
War and hate with them across enemy lines
As smoke from the fires shades the tears in their eyes and
I bide my time in this line while you
Try to take yours and try to take mine
And these foolish fights they start all over again
it’s a sin that this is how its begins, just a thought


The new age patriot is one
Who questions the food on his plate
Track Name: Sweet Ride
You’re going 55 inside my mind, I try watch you roll by
You looking too damn good and that car you drive is looking mighty fine
Your eyes are shining, they’re looking at me saying
“Come on over baby I think I like what I see” but you better
Save up your money because there’s going to be a day coming on
Where you’ve spent it all and the list of bills is getting long
You got five credit cards to your name but that’s ok with me baby
Just as long as men and money keep on coming your way

You got a sweet ride
That girl she was looking fine
You got a sweet ride
Want to keep it better pay on time

As your time wanes, your mind strains
On how to keep this love affair alive
Your secret is out, everybody knows all about
Your dreams of keeping this car are in doubt
Put the pedal to the floor, because they’re coming your way
The repo man’s knocking, going to take your wheels away
Open lanes ahead you can drive until dawn
Still low on cash, but that car you’ll never pawn

You got a sweet ride
These troubles are getting hard to define
You got a sweet ride
Money’s running out just as fast as your time

You got a sweet ride
That girl she was looking so so fine
You got a sweet ride
Want to keep it better pay on time
You got a sweet ride
That car is the finest that you ever will find
You got a sweet ride
Rode it all the way to the end of the line
Track Name: Frame
I flew too close to sun again, my wings burnt up
Fell to the ground, straight through the rabbit hole tumbling
Lower and lower until the darkness thickened in
Eyes find a dim light turns out that its hopeless
My reflection tells me that I’m just another problem,
Let go of the fright better level with the program
It’s easy to be free when we tell you what you need, just
Sit back, take in the air, let your thoughts recede
Your dreams atrophy but naturally you have to
See you’re a casualty to the ways and
Means you say they’re after me but you lack the
Faculty to halt the catastrophe
You’re just another body that can push dirt, make wages
Fax a form, synergize, motivate, take up space
A waste of skin and time, I’ll be an oversized paperweight
Unless I relax my mind and let them give a new fate

Breath it in, get it under your skin
Try not to feel bitter
Breath it in, get it under your skin
Now don’t you feel better
Stay inside your frame, don’t ever change
Hide that shamed face of yours and act your age
Stay inside your box, don’t mess with the locks
Obey the orders from the top when they tell you to stop

You hope your daddy's home but you hear no baritone saying
You're not alone scared running trip over the
Microphone but no matter where you roam you’re
Surrounded by the walls of your own green zone
Shine a light on purpose, bring it to the surface,
Destiny forms a worried mind you feel you don’t deserve this
Merciless, Father offers you a stretched out hand
Ask him can you tell how to be my own man,
Make my own plans, screen my own scenes, buy my own things,
Try to glide steady while I fly with my own wings
Help me shut my eyes to the world so I can’t see
My face in the mirror and I cant breath
Peering out the top of the walls can be dangerous
Don’t you realize you’re a slave to the stages?
Surrounded by a lack of control that is ageless, faceless
Cage your thoughts so you can say you’re blameless


I have no way to escape my frame
Track Name: In His Image
I can’t write this life because before
you tonight inspire me to write this passage and put
phrase to page, choose carefully what i say in that it
defines the way in this war i shall wage, but I
can’t make sense of the ups or the downs and though it
May be greener on the other side, who said grass grows all around
Bring life in the form of sound, waste no time becoming loud
As you voice your discontent, I can feel my heart pounding
Undefined timeline theres no contract to sign just
waiting for you and I to align in the right frame of mind but
Until then ill just wager my thoughts, raise you insight
And if the river should show us kings, I've played my cards right
I hope that you feel my words as I consult these proverbs
Guides to endless night fighting for the hope of savior's lighting
We begin and end but never lend ourselves
The right of trickery to humble our own immortality

The flash blinds, sight inept for real time
No words I can define, did I meet the deadline?
Search for a notion to call my own and skin so rough to hold these bones
The seeds I've sown have all now grown and stand so high above this drone
And in His shadow I trace the lines, but in His image I'll thrive

Its his image his likeness, that comes to
define us; His grip, His love, His hold,
As we try to break from the base of that mold, overbearing
Sense of infallibility makes us bold, it spurns
Hate for tensions and fears and time spent losing years
While clocks tick closer to conclusion, release your tears
Clasp your hands for understanding hopelessly demanding
An explanation of truth revealing life everlasting
But don’t let go, sure time is quick but
You were too eager to throw it all away
Before I could sing songs of triumph to try calm your mind
You decide to dodge the punch and change the design, now it's
Seven guys’ rhythms and lines, sins and lies, we live and
Die but when it's time to leave our bodies we somehow find
The majesty of forgiveness, warm embracing comfort in
Knowing that through our trials we have earned this final slumber


Is it hard to believe, that its all preconceived
that we all just come to the line to receive this hand out
A gift beyond compare, our first breathe of air,
We become destined to grip tightly and releasing never dare
But don't let go because it's too difficult to own the knowledge
Of futility we consider a foe, promise to
live, try, cherish, grow bold, own your beliefs leap but
know I'll still be holding on to you from below
Track Name: December
Wake up to the distress of my shoes
Got to live a fast life to the tone of a mellow blues
The world is waiting, its hiding out there
Beneath a white blanket that mother nature laid there
Catch a smile in the mirror and I’m on way
But its all been the same since I passed away
Got these things that wont ever last
Everything I want in this world is still made of cash
I’m as crazy you see as an introverted retrospective
And I can’t help that you don't respect this
I’ve got a stiff upper lip and a chip on my shoulder
Every year growing bolder I’m just growing older
This right here this used to be a coffee shop
I met you miss between bliss and the beauty of how you talk,
But the game changed the dame poured water on the flames,
Your silhouette’s now leaving

Its always cold, it’s colder in December
So much colder, colder than I remember
These days start to get old
The world's a whole lot colder than I remember
Feels just like we're living in December
These days start to get old

Lost my train thought, lost my insight
Lost my subtlety here glowing in the sunlight
Lost respect, lost myself in my dreams
Behind a vacant wall of wails and screams
Lost the words but its all same
Guess my money was on the mind cause sex is on the brain
But that wasn't about you I swear, my eyes latched on
To what was there and I couldn't help but stare
I lost you to the wind one day,
Looked up from my plate to see you walking away
Fake smile on your face increase your pace
Leave me this place, bad memories and the bill to pay
But the eggs were cold and the coffee too
I guess that means I won’t be seeing you
And to this miss you must remember
Its always colder in the heart of December

Its always cold, it’s colder in December
So much colder, colder than I remember
These days start to get old
The world's a whole lot colder than I remember
Feels just like we're living in December
These days start to get old
Track Name: Mystic Nights
Here I am slow driving in the fast lane
Black sky, driver side, listen to myself complain
The album’s brand new but it ‘s still the same song
One man whose plan’s got no legs to stand on
Not many cars on the road tonight, beneath the traffic lights,
As I’m contemplating if my path is alright
Still don’t have the big house, big boat, or fancy car
To take a cruise down sunset boulevard
Are all the scenes just dreams or are they more
Prophecies of a lush life but I got to break the door
Chapman knew a car that’d get her just about anywhere
But all I have here is my heart and legs to get me there

I look up, I see the stars in the sky, and it makes me wonder why
If there is a God, he lets the good people die
Where do they go, how long does is take
Am I going too fast or should I ease on the brakes
I breathe in, in an effort of releaving the stress of realities in the things I’m seeing
What about the big man chillin in the clouds
Who opens up the big gate only if he is proud, but doesn’t
Matter how we spin, because none of us will get in
That’s always the way that it’s been with people living in sin
but when you pass around the plate whether you’re 60 or 7
You throw in a dime to try and buy your way into Heaven

Here’s a little lesson my friend on the layers of life
I promise not to step your dreams so give me the knife
You gotta rewind, relax, be recluse in your reflection
Before your thoughts give love and hate the same inflection
This advice is nice, but it comes with a price
If I tell you twice, you should still consume this slice
Be strong and you will last long, too much pride you’re dead wrong
Remember the good times when everyone you know is gone,
Equality is infinite down to the protons
And everyone remember its darkest before the dawn
But the sun don’t want to hear it, as it hides behind the light
I’m alone, we’re all alone, driving through mystic nights
Track Name: Kiff
No one understands their plans, the
Same story every time and again for them, because after
All just the winners advance, because they have much
Love surround themselves with fans, ask
Jane because she knows from experience, she can’t
Find where the good life is, like all the girls she
Sees in the magazines with perfect clothes and whiter smiles
but you see that Jane lives in denial because
She’s got the love but she got no shot
She’s got a roots rock rhythm but got no job
Plagued by self doubt but being in is her out so she stands
For things that she knows nothing about

You see them trying to be so kiff, no matter how they try
End up being misfits, swing so hard but
Finish with a near miss, closed fist clenched
Tight around a broken soul hear them crying

Luke knew that he was damaged goods
He never lived the life that he felt he should, so he
Sold his morals for shoes, traded friends for new clothes
Running away from himself, trying to break his own mold
He walks taller now, in front of the crowd he’s loud
Spewing lies out of his mouth like he’s proud
That he’s found so much love in people circled around
Waiting to pick at his ego when he falls down,
But they don’t see him when the lights stop, when the rim shots end
Funny isn’t it how even though he pretends that he’s
So hot, get too close and you’ll burn
He clutches a mirror, hoping for what was, to return


Because the lyrics are meaningless if you lost all the feeling and it’s
So easy to make a line that rhymes but in time you’ll
See that it’s not free, stop thinking it’s easy,
If it was supposed to be, think this would bother me? Because you
Know that you stole the track, but refuse to give it back so you
Snatch like a crack addict, thrash and attack them automatic
Those armed with facts as they become problematic to your
Search for the fat cats that you want to attract
But sing bout the lust and the fame and the bright lights,
Sing for the morons who paid for your show
Do us all a favor, don't stick to your heart
Don't sing about the pain that you actually know